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Bubblegum Crisis:
Born to Kill Review

This episode is a little weaker than the first. It seems a little too "typical" of what would take place. Irene Chang is also a complete moron, which makes her hard to like and enjoy. Where as Cynthia had an excuse to be incognizant (she was a child), Irene just seems like a fool when she proceeds to yell at Mason.

This episode has its up side. Its theme, Mad Machine is one of the best BGC songs. The other songs aren't quite as good, but they're not bad. Angels Dancing in the Thrill has far too little emotion in the voices of the Knight Sabers, though.

This episode focuses on Linna to a point so she is finally shown to be something other than... well, not much. Unfortunately, it still manages to leave Linna with marginally little personality. Her personality, when it truly comes up in episode four, is great. Here she seems paranoid and too worried about life in general. Sadly, too little time was spent showing who Linna really is. She also changed so much from what was shown of her in episode one that it begged explanation and yet was never given one, save for what is portrayed in actions.

The big problem with this episode is repeated from the last episode: Priss. Still a great character, it's just that she's acting too headstrong for someone who was taken in as a mercenary for an ultra-secret hightech band. Linna gets to act as the voice of reason in at least one case during this episode, countering Priss' forthright personality.

The art has improved from Tinsel City, but Sylia's hair looks hideous at some points, which is a shame because I regard her as the most stylish of the group. Sylia herself was left out too much, as was Nene.

The good points about this episode were that it cleared up the incidents with Cynthia and Frederick and did not leave some huge cliff hander to annoy the viewing audience into buying the next volume.

As an interesting note, despite popular belief and a certain piece of art, it was Sylia, and not Linna, who decapitated the SuperBoomer and ended its rampage. Yet Sylia is seldom given credit for this. It leaves one asking the question of how much attention people pay to the characters they are not very fond of. It's really a shame.