Bubblegum Crisis:
Born to Kill

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As the episode opens, three BU-33Cs are diving in the Tokyo Bay, searching through the thick muck and mud for something. As two of them follow the third, she emerges with a small, metallic body in her hands. It is Cynthia, the child Boomer who was destroyed the night before during the orbital particle beam satellite emission that occurred after the Knight Sabers battled with Frederick.

In a GENOM-run laboratory scientists are hard at work developing Brian J. Mason's pet project, the BU-99X SuperBoomer. Specifically designed for synchronization with, and control of, the satellite weapons, it needs only a single component to link with them and become the most powerful Boomer yet. That is the component that was retrieved by the BU-33Cs. The scientists extract the "Black Box" unit from Cynthia's cracked and damaged skull and place it in the torso of the red SuperBoomer. As the scientists work, they become unaware that the components they are using are fakes. Mason had things switched around so that he could leave with the SuperBoomer and cause a 'freal accident' not unlike the one that claimed the life of Doctor Katsuhito Stingray ten years before. This one will take place for the same reason: The scientists are beginning to question the work they are doing. As the SuperBoomer is hauled away in a truck through an usually unused entrance, the replacement explodes, killing all of the men and women in the laboratory.

During this incident, Commander Schwarz of the U.S.S.D. is making a public announcement that he had nothing to do with the earlier explosion at Aqua City that was caused when the satellite discharged. He assures the people that he will begin looking into the explosion and try to decipher what has happened before another such explosion occurs.

Later the same morning a large crowd has gathered before the entrace to the GENOM Tower. Mason is there with the three BU-33Cs, his bodyguards. He is talking to the press and denying GENOM had any involvement with the destruction of the laboratory earlier that morning. From the crowd a young woman springs foreward and blatantly challenges Mason, calling him a liar and screaming that he killed her fiancee. One of Mason's bodyguards responds by slapping the girl backward. Linna, who has recognized the girl as Irene Chang from one of her aerobics classes, rushes forward to help, along with Priss. Linna is stopped by security but Priss promptly knees the guard in the crotch when he tries to apprehend her. She runs up the steps of GENOM and hits the assaulting BU-33C across the face. Due to the pain in her hand, she realizes that this is a Boomer she is dealing with.

She has only a moment to consider this before the Boomer grasps her right hand and starts to crush it almost playfully, smirking as she does this. Priss cries out in agony. Leon McNichol appears and introduces himself, stating that if the Boomer does not let go of Priss, he'll drag Mason in to jail. Mason tells the Boomer to let go of Priss, which she does. Linna helps Irene back up from her fallen position. Priss asks Leon who Mason was, and Leon explains that Mason is a GENOM corporate shark, which interests Priss.

In an dark garage somewhere else in the city, Sylia Stingray is talking with Commander Schwarz. He is telling her about the Black Box synchronization unit that was implanted in Cynthia's head. He tells Sylia that it is most dire that the Black Box is returned to the U.S.S.D. because of the degree of damage that a single blast can cause. Cynthia was a weapon, commonly known as a Killer Doll, or Boomer that could link to the satellites. Sylia informs the Commander that while Cynthia was merely a weapon to him, to the Knight Sabers she was just a little girl in need of some help. Commander Schwarz sends Sylia a printout with the information about Cynthia and the Black Box plus possible applications of the Black Box. Sylia chooses to accept the job for a fee of 20,000,000 yen, the same as before. When the Commander cuts the transmission of the video phones, Sylia thinks to herself that mankind is very self-serving.

At the AD. Police HQ, Leon McNichol is arguing with Chief Toudou about ending his investigation of the explosion at the GENOM labs. He and Daley had been going over the site earlier and all their work was now going to waste. Leon, convinced that this is all to cover up a new type of Boomer that is illegal, demands that the Chief listen to him and let him continue. Toudou apparently believes Leon is being paranoid and suggests that he has no evidence to support his theories, which is true. Leon stalks out of the office and into the main dispatching area where Daley meets him. He says that Leon looks like he needs to cool off and suggests that they meet together some place that's quiet as an inside joke between the two. The rest of the present officers find this humorous and laugh.

At Sylia's apartment the Knight Saber get together soon after Priss and Linna's encounter with Mason and his Boomers. Sylia has decided that GENOM must have the Black Box--things all seem to fit together to explain the mysterious explosion and the fact that while U.S.S.D. was unable to get the Black Box back, GENOM was seen combing the area earlier that morning. Priss is more than a little excited at the prospect of getting back at GENOM for all the things they've done to her over the years and, in a show of her jubilance, punches one hand into the other, not a good idea because her hand is still hurt from the Boomer's attack. She winces and allows Mackie to resume wrapping her wound. Linna says that she thinks the Knight Sabers are too few to take on the large GENOM but Nene, like Priss, is ready to fight GENOM. In Nene's case, it is because she is tired of watching the buffoons at the AD. Police screw up their investigations. Sylia tells Nene and Mackie to start looking through computer network data files. Priss is told to investigate by getting information from Leon.

Priss leaves Sylia's apartment and goes out to call Leon from a payphone. Leon accepts the call when one of the other officers tells him "it's a babe. Says her name is Priss." Leon is so happy to hear from Priss that even Priss finds it a little funny. She says she'll go out with Leon at eleven o'clock. Leon begins to tell her about a really great hotel he knows but Priss cuts him off, yelling that she meant eleven in the morning, not at night. She wants to meet him at the Ragu Steakhouse. Leon says he is on duty but Priss instructs him to make up some excuse for why he has to leave the AD.P. for awhile. Leon agrees, but is curious as to why Priss is suddenly interested in him when she turned him down at least three times the day before. He decides that the best way to find out more about Priss is to feed her information.

Priss and Leon meet. After Priss finishes eating she asks Leon if he's sure he won't have anything, but he says that being with her fills up his heart. She reminds him that whether or not he eats, he's still paying for the meal, which does not phase him. When she is done with lunch, they begin to talk about the explosion from earlier that day. Leon relays his suspicions about a second generation Boomer to Priss, letting her know about how a truck left through a normally unused gate at the site. His belief is that the project has been moved to a new site. Priss' interest in this subject leads him to ask why she wants to know so much. She covers up by saying that it's all like a sci-fi movie to her. Leon then goes on to say that from his point of view, GENOM is developing a monster Boomer. As they were talking, each one was leaning forward. Priss realizes that they are only a few centimeters apart and suddenly 'remembers' that she has to leave, making a hasty exit. Leon jumps up to follow her but because he has to pay the bill, he is stopped short at the door. It seems the most monstrous thing so far is the bill for feeding Priss.

Back at Sylia's apartment Mackie and Nene are going through computer records. Sylia starts to approach them with tea only to see that Nene is asleep against Mackie's shoulder while he does all the work. Sylia laughs at Mackie's annoyed expression.

Linna is instructing her aerobics class now. While the other women do their workout, she talks to Irene about what happened earlier that morning. Irene tells Linna that her fiancee was one of the people working on the SuperBoomer. His main function was to develop Boomers for space research. Recently he became scared about telling anyone what he was working on. He feared for his life but was afraid to go to the police because GENOM was everywhere and if he told anyone, he knew he would be killed. Irene says she must get revenge for his death. After he was finished with the SuperBoomer, they were to get married.

The two women go out to China Town for a day of shopping. Linna tries to get Irene to relax and enjoy herself, afraid that Irene could get herself killed if she messes with GENOM. When they stop at a restaurant, Irene informs Linna that she intends to expose GENOM as the liars and murderers that they are. She jokingly asks that Linna have "those vigilantes" avenge her death if she is killed. Linna is shocked, but Irene tells her she is just kidding. Linna laughs but asks her not to say things like that.

They leave the restaurant, complaining about a rude waitress, when Linna notices that her car is being towed away. She runs to stop the truck but it is too late. Irene says that's okay--she felt like walking, anyway. Linna shrugs as Irene leaves, thanking her for a fun day and for caring about her. Linna goes to a pay phone to call the towing company but out of nowhere a black car appears and rams into the phone booth, nearly killing her. Linna jumps out in time to avoid being hit by the car. She sees that it is going after Irene and immediately calls Sylia to ask for help.

Sylia gets the call and sends Priss a message. Priss does not answer immediately, but soon she picks up and hears that Linna is chasing after a car that is cornering Irene. She speeds off to find them.

Linna runs down the streets after Irene, who knows now that she is being chased. Irene trips and falls once, dropping her groceries. The car is close enough to run over one of her apples, which frightens her into getting back up. She runs up a ramp but at the top finds that she is too tired to go any farther. She collapses as the black car rolls up beside her. From it comes a tall woman, one of Mason's bodyguards. She grasps Irene by the collars and jerks her up from the ground. The woman displays a set of claws on her hand and swipes them across Irene's face, making a small, paper thin cut. She licks the blood coming from the cut, a sadistic smile planted on her face. Irene is terrified as the Boomer shoves her claws into Irene's heart and kills her.

Below that bridge, Priss and Linna arrive in time to see the Boomer drop the dead Irene to the ground. Priss starts to get back onto her bike to chase the woman down but Linna stops her. Linna removes the engagement ring from Irene's hands, showing her sorrow. She clutches the ring as Priss stares at her. The two then get ready for battle.

Sylia, Nene, and Mackie are waiting for the others when they arrive at the Silky Doll. The Knight Sabers suit up with only a minor disturbance from Mackie, who was watching Sylia through the cameras. She throws her blouse at him to stop him. They all get into their Hardsuits and head out to the site where Sylia has told them the SuperBoomer was moved to. Nene, at the computers, speaks about the incidents and tells Sylia that an explosion from years before made the factory where the Boomer is now stored virtually worthless. Sylia suggests that Boomers were responsible for the destruction.

Mason, at the laboratory, makes a toast to the birth of the SuperBoomer. His bodyguards race away from the building to meet the Knight Sabers. Mason is very smug, certain that the Knight Sabers will be killed.

Priss and Linna are lowered from the hydraulic booms. Priss is using Sylia's Motoroid in bike form while Linna is using her own Motoroid. The two race out into the factory to meet with the Boomers but are jumped. Priss is knocked clear off her bike while Linna narrowly escapes the attacking Boomer's claws. Sylia and Nene jump off of the Silky Doll truck and land on the third floor where the third Boomer is. She rushes forth and sends Sylia flying to the side. Nene tries to shoot her but the Boomer slams her elbow into Nene's head. Sylia runs at the Boomer and delivers her a harsh Knuckle Bomber to the torso. The Boomer crashes almost ten meters backward as Sylia turns to see how Nene is.

Priss is having worse luck. The Boomer engaged in close combat, which Priss was not equipped for. She is hit and kicked repeatedly until she lands. She tries to lock onto the Boomer to fire at her but it evades her HUD. Finally the Boomer makes the mistake of reappearing and Priss blows it arm off. When the Boomer is caught off guard, Priss shoots it in the stomach and destroys it.

Linna is fighting the Boomer who killed Irene. She is not doing too well and falls off of a broken light pole she was hanging on to when the Boomer attack. Once they are on the same ground level, Linna charges her Knuckle Bomber and pushes it into the Boomer's abdomen, ripping it up and reaping revenge.

Sylia and the final BU-33C are battling on the third floor. The Boomer grips a steel pipe and swings it at Sylia, who dodges the blow and then grabs the pipe, tearing it from the Boomer's hands. When the Boomer no longer has the bar she jumps up but Sylia is prepared and blasts her repeatedly with her beam cannons, ending the Boomer's life.

The SuperBoomer finally emerges from the shadows. It is configured to use the satellite weapons and begins to slowly take apart the surrounding area. Mackie tells Sylia that the Black Box is unstable. The Boomer then rushes toward the Knight Sabers, crashing into Nene. Sylia rises and shoots at the Boomer with her palm blasters but it has no effect. Priss says they should go for the head and tries to get the Boomer but it swats her away easily. Linna goes next and punches the Boomer with her Knuckle Bomber but this, like Sylia's guns, is entirely ineffective. Sylia is last. The Boomer sees her in time to fire its cannon at her, but Sylia dodges the blast and lands on the Boomer's shoulders. She charges her Knuckle Bomber and thrusts her gauntlets into the Boomer's head, crushing it. The weakened Boomer grabs Sylia's legs and flings her to the ground.

The Boomer is more unstable than ever now. Sylia commands Linna to use her Knuckle Bomber to finish it off but Priss tells Linna to get out of the way and fires her spikes into the Boomer's neck from above. Because Sylia destroyed its head, the Boomer no longer has armor there. The spikes and the Boomer react poorly and Sylia tells them all to leave the site as the Boomer blows up. From another part of the building, Brian J. Mason exits in a black car.

Later that night, Commander Schwarz resigns from the scandal plagued U.S.S.D.