Bubblegum Crisis:
Tinsel City

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Tinsel CityAs a concert opens up on a fall night in Mega Tokyo, word comes in from radio reports that a Boomer rampage is in progress. The reports come in and one of the many dispatchers working on the crime dutifully sends a message to another woman that a Boomer rampage is in progress.

As this goes on, the Boomer easily takes down the AD. Police sent to control it, killing whoever stands before it. More and more troops are sent in only to be murdered within seconds by the Boomers. The Firebees, mini-choppers controlled by a single pilot, dive in and attack. One of them manages to blow off one of the Boomer's arms, but the Boomer retalliates by taking down another chopper and replacing its lost arm with the Firebee's machine gun in order to continue combat.

AD. Police officer Leon McNichol receives word from his partner, Daley Wong, that a Boomer is running amuck in Tinsel City. Leon leaves the concert he was attending to go see about the Boomer. At almost the same time a young woman in the crowded nightclud is signaling to another that it is time for them to go into action.

As the Boomer continues its rampage, a group begins to assemble. Two women meet outside the Hot Legs nightclub, waiting for the fourth to emerge. One of them, Linna Yamazaki, assures the other that the third woman, Priscilla S. Asagiri, will be angry to hear that they are not getting paid for this job. Sylia Stingray, the driver of the truck, replies that the attacking Boomer is acting in a most unusual manner.

Leon McNichol arrives at the scene of the Boomer's rampage and is soon spotted by the Boomer itself. It makes a leap for him but Leon shoots at it with his earthshaker, sending the Boomer in another direction. It lands and runs off toward a dead end street, long since crumbled due to the earthquake from seven years before. As the Boomer makes it way to the street, it realizes that it is being tailed by a figure on a motorcycle. The figure is wearing blue full-body armor. Another figure comes in from another direction, wearing similar armor that is green.

Finally, a third is directly before the Boomer. She is wearing very feminine armor. As the Boomer sends a spray of bullets in her way, she hardly moves at all, merely standing to the side as though the bullets mean nothing to her. The Boomer charges forward and she expertly kicks it down off the edge of the broken road. The blue armored figurine follows and her motorcycle transforms into a humanoid 'Motoroid' which carries the woman down into the canyon. The other women follow closely.

Leon McNichol stops his driving atop the road to look down and observe that these are the infamous Knight Sabers who are doing battle with the Boomer.

The Boomer, now enraged, flings a manhole cover at the white figure but she catches it. Flying into the air, the Boomer fires its guns. The green and blue armored figures follow as the one wearing white throws the manhole cover to the side. The Boomer turns around in time to see the green figure plunge her gauntlet into its side and deliver a powerful contact change. The blue figure then shoots the Boomer down into the ground where it begins to fall apart.

The woman still on the ground notes that this is an entirely new type of Boomer and asks herself, "What are they up to?" The Boomer revives long enough to run toward the woman but she meets it halfway and thrusts her gauntlet into its torso. Defeated, the Boomer collapses and the women leave the scene, knowing that this is a new type of Boomer.

After the sortie Leon stops at Funy Day, a popular fastfood joint. He is greeted by the site of Priss Asagiri, lead singer of the band called Priss and the Replicants. Leon excitedly introduces himself and tells Priss that he is a big fan of hers, and one of the AD. Police. Priss informs him that she hates the police, particularly the AD. Police. Leon makes the comment that most people are not very fond of the police. He asks her if she would like to eat with him but Priss shows him her hamburger and says that she is already eating. She then tosses him her empty glass and tells him to throw it away. Leon inquires if she will go on a date with him if he throws the glass away for her and Priss instructs him to chase Boomer's asses and not girl's asses.

That same night Quincy, Chairman of the GENOM, the company that manufactures Boomers, is on the phone with a 'client.' The man on the other end seems worried but Quincy tells him to relax, reminding him that GENOM supplies the world with sixty-three percent of all its vehicles, among other things. Quincy reminds the man that if he can count of him keeping his end of a deal, he can guarantee the Prime Minister's position. Quincy ends the conversation and gives the phone to a younger man so that he can place it on its hook. He asks the other man who their shipment is doing. The younger man replies that he believes he can make it ready to Quincy within twenty-four hours. Quincy seems pleased and tells the other, Mister Mason, that it would be very unfortunate if GENOM's good name were to surface even slightly.

Sylia StingrayIn another part of the city a young woman, Sylia Stingray, is taking a late night swim when she finds she cannot relax. Memories of the battle she had taken part in before, as the woman clad in white armor, haunt her. She recalls vividly images of the destruction of the Boomer, a BU-55C. Sylia shuts her eyes and thinks back to her past, returning mentally to the night when her father died.

She was twelve years old at the time, and her brother, Mackie, was six. They called their father to ask when he was coming home; it had been a whole week since they had last seen him. He replied that he was too busy working on the Boomers, the project he fathered. The next scene shows a burning building with young Sylia standing outside of it as sirens howl and lights flash. Doctor Katsuhito Stingray and his laboratory were burned to the ground in a freak accident. The next morning Sylia received a data unit. Placing it into her computer, she was assaulted by images and information about her father's research, all of which was instantly 'dumped' on her mind via a technique from her father's technology. Sylia saw among those images that of the man who had killed her father: Brian J. Mason. The memory ends abruptly.

As Sylia wakes up the next morning, her sixteen year old brother Mackie comes to the door holding a newspaper. It has a request for the Knight Sabers' assitance, placed there by the U.S.S.D. Sylia reads the request for a moment before realizing that Mackie is admiring her cleavage through her sheer nightgown. Irritated, Sylia smacks him across the face with her newspaper.

Sylia and Mackie go to work later that day. Two women come in, one of whom, named Nene Romanova, stops for a moment to look at some panties. The other, Linna, tells her that "work comes first" and they continue to the cash register where a smiling Sylia asks them if she can be of any assistance. Linna asks if they really have a job and Sylia shows them the ad from the paper. Linna bursts out the price they would be paid ("Twenty million?!!") only to get Nene's hand slapped over her mouth. Linna attempts to cover up her mistake by pretending that is the price for some panties as the other women in the shop, and Mackie, try to ignore her.

The four Knight Sabers, Sylia, Priss, Linna, and Nene, meet at Sylia's apartment later to discuss the job. Linna thinks the group should take it, as it is the only paying job they have been offered thus far, but Priss is skeptical. Nene asks for Sylia's opinion, and she states that there is merit in both viewpoints. Therefore, she chooses to look into the job with Nene's help. The two of them don their Hardsuits (power armor) and leave, taking the bus to save time and trouble. Once they arrive at the U.S.S.D. the guard at the front gate is startled by their appearance and refuses to let them in until Commander Schward, who offered the Knight Sabers the job, tells him to do otherwise.

Once Sylia and Nene are inside Commander Schwarz's office they see two men waiting for them. The younger of the two is more than a little surprised to see Sylia and Nene in their armor but Commander Schwarz is not phazed and goes on to say that they perform beautifully. Unbeknownst to the Knight Sabers, their Hardsuits, far superior to the military versions of the same, are being analyzed behind closed doors.

Commander Schwarz, who soon sees that Sylia knows far more than he thought possible about classified matters, explains that F.G. Frederick, a computer technician, and his younger sister Cynthia have been kidnapped by a group of Boomers. They theorize that Frederick may be behind the kidnapping. Nene and Sylia refuse to believe that this is a simple missing persons search and ask for more information but the Commander is reluctant to say any more.

Sylia accepts the job, implying that she does not believe that it is a mere missing persons search. She then begins to talk with the Commander and the other man about the orbital beam satellites overhead. As they talk, Nene spots the camera that is spying on them and points it out to Sylia, who blows it up with a quick shot from her gauntlet. Sylia and Nene start to leave by the two men apologize profusely. Sylia chooses to forgive this intrusion and takes the job.

As the two Knight Sabers are leaving Sylia asks Nene if they are being followed. Nene replies that they are being watched from the sky by the orbital beam satellites. The two are disgusted by this. To return the gesture, Nene creates a mark on the sidewalk that is a rude Oni face glaring back at the satellite. Sylia and Nene disappear beneath a bridge after this, and change into their street clothes kept in the Silky Doll truck which Mackie drove to meet them. When they reappear from beneath the bridge, all the satellite picks up are two lovely young ladies taking an evening stroll.

Sylia dispatches the team, telling them to go in pairs at the very least (no solo actions) and to report in regularly. Both Nene and Linna follow her orders, but the overzealous Priss goes out on her own and ends up in a disco, asking about the whereabouts of Cynthia and Frederick. The man she is dancing with insults Priss into yelling at him and Priss starts to leave. Frederick and his men were at the bar, however, and Bogey, the largest Boomer in the group, corners Priss as she is about to report in to Sylia. Priss realizes that Bogey is a Boomer just before he shoves his hand into her stomach and she falls unconscious. The Boomers throw Priss into a car separately from that in which Cynthia and some other people are traveling in and leave the scene, worried that Priss may know too much.

As they travel, Priss, faking that she is unconscious, overhears her kidnappers saying that they'll meet the others in Aqua City, a bay city complex. Priss suddenly 'wakes up' and kicks Bogey and her other attacker, causing a car accident, she breaks out of the car and curses the drivers for not even being able to have an accident properly. She is startled when Bogey emerges from the car. Priss runs to the nearest transport, a bike, and takes it, assuring the owner that she'll bring it back. She drives it directly over Bogey and starts riding toward Aqua City. Leon McNichol is passing in the opposite direction and catches sight of Priss and Bogey. He turns his car around, starts its thrusters, and pursues the woman and Boomer.

At Sylia's apartment, Sylia, Linna, Nene, and Mackie wait for Priss to report in. Sylia is angry because she has told Priss over and over again to report in regularly and avoid solo actions. Linna and Nene are both worried, too. Mackie, patrolling the airwaves, starts to remark that the Boomers must be having a night off when Leon reports that a Boomer has been spotted chasing a racing bike toward Aqua City. Linna and Nene want to go out and see if it's Priss who is being chased but Sylia refuses, saying that they have no way of knowing that it is really Priss who is being chased. Linna says that without her Hardsuit Priss won't stand a chance. Sylia finally gives in and the three of them start to get ready for combat.

Priss arrives at Aqua City with Leon close behind. She runs through the building the Boomers were supposed to meet in and finds a lone little girl drawing a map of Tokyo on the wall. Priss approaches the girl, remarking that she has seen part of the girl's drawing, a glaring Oni's face, somewhere else. Priss asks the little girl if she is Cynthia and the girl asks her for her name, using the Japanese word, "obaasan," a term Priss felt was inappropriately 'mature' sounding for her. Taken aback for only a moment, Priss tells her that her name is Priss. She asks if Priss likes her drawing, and Priss says it is very good. Priss tells Cynthia that her parents are probably worried about her, but Cynthia responds by stating that she has no such people. Priss is startled once more--Just what is going on?

Priss and Cynthina begin to go but are stopped by a group of Boomers, one of whom is Frederick. Priss recognizes him and demands to know what he is doing, and why he is using Cynthia for his project. Frederick observes that Priss does not know very much about Cynthia, after all.

Back at the Silky Doll the Knight Sabers finish suiting up and leave to meet the Boomers at Aqua City.

The Boomers want to know who Priss is working for but she refuses to tell them. Priss pulls out her gun and shoots Bogey and a female BU-55C but they both get rid of the bullets easily. The female walks to Priss and hits her to the side. Priss grabs a pipe and swings it at the Boomer but it does no damage. It holds her still and the female asks if Priss still won't talk. Priss says nothing and Bogey gets ready to kill her. At that moment his arm is blown off.

Leon McNicholThree of the Boomers, excluding Bogey, jump up to meet their challengers. The Knight Sabers are there to meet them. The Boomers are angry and burst out of their false skin and disguises, showing their true colors. The Knight Sabers attack and within seconds Sylia and Linna have each destroyed a Boomer, the third coming soon after.

Sylia lands inside the building and stands between Priss, Cynthia, and Frederick. Frederick asks what Sylia is trying to achieve and Sylia proclaims that she fights to retain peace and justice. Frederick says that it is a worthy objective, and then asks if she really thinks it will hold true for him, too. He bursts out of his human guise and shows long tentacle-like parts that grab at a fallen Boomer and take it over. Sylia instructs Priss to leave with Cynthia but Bogey charges them. Sylia shoots Bogey but Frederick grabs her arm, holding her back. Nene and Linna arrive, firing at Frederick and forcing him to lose his grip in Sylia. Frederick shoots his 'tentacles' at the three Knight Sabers who dodge the blast and exit the building.

Outside Priss runs with Cynthia, trying to escape the ever growing Frederick who is rapidly engulfing the entire city. She spots Leon and asks him how to get out of there. Leon directs her to the closest way out but as Priss is running away she trips over part of Frederick's matrix and loses her grasp on Cynthia, who is stuck atop part of Frederick. Unable to help the girl, Priss tries to get away with her own life.

Sylia and the others are now trying to beat Frederick but his size and mass has them overpowered. His tendrils latch onto Sylia's leg and swing her around in a circle, slamming her back into a steel back. Similar occurances take place with the other Knight Sabers. Their attacks are ineffective and as they watch, Frederick literally takes over Aqua City, growing into an enormous monstrosity with a head and tendrils whipping around.

At the Silky Doll wagon Priss meets Mackie. Mackie tells Priss he has to take care of her wounds before she goes any farther but Priss ignores him and gets into her Hardsuit, knowing that the only way to beat Frederick is to use the heavy artillery that her Motoroid packed. She leaves the truck and calls out to Sylia. Sylia and the others renew their attack in order to distract Frederick while Priss travels into his body by way of his mouth. Once inside, Priss uses her guns to blow up Frederick's main AI. Priss flies out during the resulting explosion and lands alongside the other Knight Sabers.

Cynthia screams to them, bringing them back to reality. She is still stuck atop Frederick and his body is beginning to break into hers. As this takes place, a flood of memories bursts into Cynthia's mind, telling her that she is a Boomer, and that she has a direct link to the orbital particle beam satellites.

A helicoptor carrying Brian J. Mason issues a command as Cynthia is still there, unable to control what is happening. The frightened girl panics, causing the satellites to fire their weapons, which hit Frederick directly. Frederick explodes along with the rest of Aqua City. The Knight Sabers escape from the explosion that sends the wreckage of Aqua City to rest at the bottom of the harbor.

A few minutes later the Knight Sabers, back in regular clothing, view the destruction. Nene comments that she's tired and Linna asks if they can still count on getting paid for the finished job. Priss, irritated, tells Linna that this is much bigger than a little money, and Linna demands to know just what could be more important than twenty million yen. Sylia, silent up until that point, suggests that they leave the site. She, Mackie, Linna, and Nene get into the Silky Dolly van and leave.

Priss waits another minute until she sees the form of Leon running toward her. Leon is tired but he still asks Priss if she she ready for their date yet. Priss, feigning annoyance, says that she will not go out for him and was not waiting for him, but that she is proud of him for doing the right thing. She then leaves. Leon wonders for a moment if Priss might be one of the Knight Sabers, but forgets the thought as thought it were entirely impossible.

Priss speeds up to the Silky Doll wagon and waves at Sylia, who returns the gesture, the ending to a long day.